After a flurry of exchanges with my designers over the last few days, I awoke to find the final upload-able files for Legitimacy in my inbox. This bonanza spurred a furious bout of clicking and filling in online forms that lasted the better part of the morning. The copyright was officially copyrighted. The ISBN was officially ISBNed. The upload-able files were officially upload-able filed.

Then came the wait. For hours, Amazon performed their dark web magic and consumed just a little more of the Internet.

And now Legitimacy is officially available to purchase as an ebook for the Kindle.

The paperback will be available within a few weeks. If you think you might be interested in purchasing an autographed version, drop me a line at mhvankeuren@gmail.com and I'll include you on a list for an e-mail announcement with prices and dates and such.

If you'd like to see the book available for any other platforms in the future, let me know. 

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