The Well-Read Planet: Yet Another Reason to Live on Mars

I’ve never wanted to live on Mars more than after coming home from my local “Friends of the Library” used book sale.

You’re forgiven if you don’t immediately see the connection.

You see, Mars’s day is just about forty minutes longer than Earth’s—a perfect length for me. Enough time to get everything I’d normally do in a day done, plus forty minutes extra to plop down and crack open a good book, or my Kindle. (Disclaimer: Don’t actually crack open an e-reader, no matter what the brand. You’ll probably be disappointed with the results.)

As if my to-do list and my to-read list weren’t already in enough conflict, the library was letting books go for pennies to the linear foot (or perhaps metric ton), and I couldn’t help but load up. But when am I going to find the time to read them all?

Any ideas? How do you make time to read?