The Mother of all Free Book Promotions

This is it. Your last chance to get a Kindle version of Rhubarb for free. It will be free for 48 hours starting midnight Saturday 6/23 and ending midnight Sunday 6/24. (BTW: Amazon works on Pacific time.)

If this promotion goes like my previous ones, it should be a spectacular success. Rhubarb came close to #1 in free sci-fi last weekend, nearly reached the top ten in free humor, and for some reason was in the top 100 books for single women. You don't know how fun it is to see that.

But this will be my final free promotion. It's coming at the end of my exclusive obligation to the Kindle Select Program (which I won't review in this post), but it's great news for readers of other formats. Sometime in early July I will be releasing Rhubarb for the Nook, through Barnes & Noble, and for the Apple store and all the other various ereaders (Sony, Kobo, chisel and rock) through Smashwords.

Oh, and Saturday is my mother's birthday. So give her the only gift you can, and tell a dozen friends about Rhubarb. Happy Birthday, M.


  1. Hi

    Just dropping by after researching you a little, after downloading Rhubarb. [Imagine, a blogger that doesn't have a Follow button].

    I privately critique blurbs...in order to help me improve my own. Yours was about two paragraphs too long, but you still had me with the paranormal radio talk show. And you don't even list Rhubarb as fantasy.

    Look forward to reading your novel.

    Drop by my way some day. I did the crazy thing of quiting the day job too. Argh. Glad I have a supportive wife.


  2. @R.Mac Wheeler. Thanks for checking me out. I couldn't do this without my wife supporting me 100%. I think she's a keeper.

  3. What a coincidence! The same day I got Rhubarb, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was on one of movie channels...it was great to remember Douglas Addams' wonderful writing and I got really excited to start your book on my Kindle. I love it! The way you "paint" scenes and characters makes them so real...I feel like I'm in Hitchhiker, Men in Black, and The Metamorphosis all at the same time...thanks for writing such a wonderful work with humor and pathos. I can't wait to find out what happens.

  4. @Linda Thank you for the kind words. I'm really glad you're enjoying the book. Douglas Adams is one of my heroes. Check out my Towel Day post from a few weeks ago for a small remembrance.