The Future is Ours

Inspirational videos may be this decade's motivational posters, but I wanted to share this one:

The Future is Ours from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.


Robots. Asteroid mining. Glorious launches and daring deeds. Asking the big questions. But the moment that the deaf woman hears for the first time through an implant...I'll admit I almost cried along.

As a writer of science fiction, and not a scientist, I can only hope that my work will contribute in some small way. To reflect the possible. To inspire the hitherto impossible. To allow readers a glimpse, a dream, of a possible future, and dare them to make it happen.

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  1. Science fiction authors DO invent the future. My favorite example is Robert A. Heinlein, who described the waterbed so well that subsequent manufacturers were unable to patent it.
    Also, there is an entire book written by William Shatner (AKA Captain Kirk) with Chip Walker, and it's about science fiction turning into fact. It's called "Star Trek, I'm working on that : a trek from science fiction to science fact."